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Pediexpert ConfoShoes Shape Memory Slippers

Pediexpert ConfoShoes Shape Memory Slippers

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Revolutionary memory foam ! Your Health by the feet ...

Your foot is responsible for your pain !

If your feet play a key role in your mobility and autonomy, they are continually abused by corns, calluses, bunions and other torments. Age increases fragility and makes every step more painful. Worse , aging causes cracks and crevices unbearable ! Incredibly flexible , memory foam Confoshoes ® helps you relieve these ailments. The Confoshoes ® foam helps reduce the impact of harmful impact on your joints , your back , hips and other stiff shoulders.

Memory foam Confoshoes ® , the best fit !

Memory foam Confoshoes ® creates a custom molding and snapshot of your arch . She married and the smallest footprint angles and cavities. The Confoshoes ® foam and removes all friction and ensures a perfect foot support. Declined as soles and mules, foam shape memory Confoshoes ® instantly relieves aching feet ... and offers an incomparable feeling of well-being! Confoshoes ® , exclusive shares for your feet.

Foam technology to " shape memory " !

The unique properties of viscoelastic cells The characteristic of memory foam Confoshoes ® is based on the substance of the material. It consists of several million cells and viscoelastic thermformes instantly capture the impression of your feet. A concept invented by NASA memory foam shape has been developed by NASA to reduce the pressure of G- forces during launch rockets.

Revolutionary memory foam ! Your Health by the feet ...

Cushioning : Central Confoshoes ® foam is surrounded by two layers of foam schedules that work synergistically . The top layer intelligent foam remembers the shape of your foot , while the lower layer absorbs shock waves. With this synergy of performance foams Confoshoes ® responds continually shape and weight of your foot. Confoshoes ® and helps to significantly reduce shocks and their impact on your skeleton .
Unloading areas with excessive constraints : If your foot support surface decreases , the contact pressure increases ( hyperappui ) , which causes discomfort , but also production of plantar horns ( corns , calluses ... ) . Memory foam Confoshoes ® helps redistribute forces to relieve this painful support. The bearing surface expands and refers to a more flexible and painless area.
Humidity Control : The viscoelastic materials are finally recognized to promote circulation of air, humidity control , thus contributing to good ventilation of your feet.
Support and stabilize the foot : If your foot tends to collapse, the Confoshoes ® foam serves arch support with its three layers of foam. It serves corrector lever and helps you to straighten your load line ... This allows you to better stabilize your foot.

Confoshoes ® , for whom?

For seniors : Because of feet deformations due to age , and the natural aging of physiological damping system .
For all adults : For all people who suffer from back discomfort , joint pain, fatigue in the legs, sore foot . For those who want to offer their feet the very best in comfort .
For children: From the earliest age, children regularly play sports on hard floors. They walk often overloaded with heavy schoolbags . This increases the impact of hard floors on their body under development .
For jobs in prolonged standing Factors , bartenders , nurses, salesmen , security guards ... and many others who travel many miles each day on hard floors .

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