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Organic Argan Oil with Jasmine

Organic Argan Oil with Jasmine

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Organic Argan Oil with Jasmine from Alepia.

All the virtues of organic argan oil scented with essential oils for a refined care of your skin.

This cosmetic argan oil is extracted cold, from the fruit of the argan tree, a venerable tree that can be several hundred years old. Berber women have always used argan oil for its great virtues.

Alepia organic argan oil is extracted from argan kernels (the argan fruit kernels) cold by a mechanical process. This process guarantees an oil rich in vitamins and other active ingredients.

Made in France.

A solidarity purchase:

Alepia is committed, with the NGO Marocavie, for the sustainable development of the region of Essaouira: Thus, when you buy a bottle of argan oil bio Alepia, you participate in the construction of schools, digging wells, and the financing of projects essential to the local population. Indeed, Alepia gives the Marocavie humanitarian association a portion of your payment for argan oil.

ARGAN OIL. The new youth secret for your skin. Simply prodigious!

An ancient Moroccan treasure ... For several centuries it has been part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the valleys of southern Morocco. Delicate fragrance, subtle taste, its composition is a real wealth for health. Women use it as well to hydrate their skin or beautify their hair. They also use it to massage their babies and bring them a thin protective shell.

Rare and precious ... The argan tree from which the oil comes is grown only between Essaouira and Agadir, a region with a moderate climate. This wild tree is not grown. Unfortunately, his species has halved in a century. In 1999, UNESCO classified the argan tree as World Heritage. That's why Argan oil is rare and precious ...

Produced only in southern Morocco, Argan oil is a valuable source used in HEALTH AND BEAUTY: This oil with 1000 virtues, is exceptionally rich in antioxidant vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acid. For beauty treatments of the skin and hair, Argan oil is extracted by cold pressing and comes in the virgin form.

Berber women traditionally use it to: help heal small wounds, pimples or acne, massage painful areas, smear their hair to make them soft and silky, protect their face from dryness.

A secret of Beauty au Naturel:

Argan oil is at the base of many remedies and care of Berber tradition. The women use it in application by massage on the skin, hair ... Light and subtle perfume, fluid and light texture, the skin absorbs quickly leaving a thin protective film that does not stick. She is :

An effective anti-aging treatment: Argan oil promotes the production of subcutaneous collagen and effectively combats the free radicals responsible for facial and décolleté wrinkles as well as age marks on the hands and body. It is used by simple application in the evening before bedtime.
A rehydrated and protected skin: Its unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E content makes it possible to revitalize the upper layers of dry or tired skin. Well nourished skin is firmer, softer and smoother. She finds all her natural elasticity. It is used for this action in fast massages to practice daily as well on the face as on the body.
Soft and shiny hair: It restores suppleness, strength and shine to dull and brittle hair. It can be used as a styling oil by simply touching the hair or as a regenerating treatment to fight against fine and flat hair.
A favored hair regrowth: Recognized for its revitalizing action of the hair, it helps to prolong the life of the hair. It promotes regrowth in both men and women because it stimulates the production of keratin, the essential constituent of the hair.
Sweet lips: Mixed with essential oil of rosemary, Argan oil softens and repairs chapped lips.
Solid nails: Just soak your nails for 15 minutes, once a week, in a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice to find strong and strong nails.

A real health care:

Oil with many virtues, naturally rich in vitamin E and Omega 3, argan oil can help:

Relieve joint discomfort. Massages with argan oil loosen stiff muscles around the joint. It is then freed by loose movements that also strengthen the joint muscles.
Relieve heavy legs and promote blood circulation. By massaging the legs, delicately, from the ankle to the knee.
Promote healing and calm burns. Used pure and applied directly to small wounds, irritated areas or burns, argan oil helps with healing and calms irritations.

Usage tips :

Facial: After cleaning with Aleppo soap, apply organic argan oil and massage the face neck and décolleté, delicately, fingertips preferably in the evening. Argan oil is a so-called "dry" oil, it does not leave a feeling of fat and can also be used without inconvenience the day.

Body Care: Ideally after bathing, showering or scrubbing, apply organic argan oil on the body and massage from bottom to top.

Hair care: Spread the argan oil on the length, put the shampoo for a few minutes.

Nail Care: Dip (or brush) your fingers into a bowl of mixed argan oil and lemon juice for 10 minutes.


Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil from organic farming, Perfume made of essential oil of Jasmine sublimated by 100% natural essences to give it depth.


In a bottle of 100 ml

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