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Nigella oil from Syria

Nigella oil from Syria

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Syrian Nigella Oil from Alepia.

Syrian Aleppo Nigella oil is dark and has character.

Unfiltered, it has retained all its nutrients.

A vial of Nigella oil was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, indeed, the oil of Nigella, since 3500 years is regarded as a true panacea.

Nigella oil is extracted from the tiny black seeds of a white-flowered buttercup, Nigella sativa, which grows in the shade of oases.


Nigella oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and trace elements contains from 0.4% to 2.5% of molecules belonging to the family of essential oils. It is particularly indicated for dry and sensitive skin. It is recommended also in care for the scalp.

These properties are therefore beneficial for the skin, the hair and the scalp.

Usage tips :

- Facial oil Nigella: perform a delicate circular massage on the face and neck thoroughly cleaned, with a few drops of oil nigella, preferably in the evening for a month.
- Body care oil Nigel: after bathing or scrub, warm oil nigella in the palm of your hands and massage your body from the bottom up. Two to three times a week.
- Hair care oil nigella: distribute oil Nigel on the length and leave about 20 minutes before shampooing. Wash and rinse. Once a week.
- Internally: For the adult, 2 teaspoons oil Nigel a day.
For the child, half a teaspoon of nigella oil a day

Good economic and efficient practice:

After the shower, spread a small amount of organic seed oil on the scalp and do not wash.
Some types of hair are well suited to a little oil without having a greasy appearance.
Ingredients: Nigella Sativa Seed Oil

The Council of Dr Constantini:

It erases pregnancy masks and reduces brown age spots.
Rub the skin every day with a cotton pad (or better a Konjac sponge) soaked in Syrian Nigella oil.


Nigella Sativa Seed Oil. Origin: Syria


In a bottle of 100 ml

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