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Rhassoul Natural Powder

Rhassoul Natural Powder

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Rhassoul Natural Powder

Rhassoul, or washing earth, is a saponiferous clay from Mount Atlas, Morocco, used for washing the body and hair for generations.

Rhassoul Alepia powder mixes easily and quickly with water. Its finesse produces a smooth paste.

Unlike conventional detergents, Rhassoul washes gently, it absorbs impurities and excess sebum like a blotter. It can be used for the skin or the hair.

Its presentation in fine powder allows rapid mixing with water and a nice creaminess.


Rhassoul or Ghassoul is a saponiferous clay from Mount Atlas in Morocco.

Saponiferous clay from the Moroccan Atlas, it has ideal cleansing properties for oily skin prone to acne.

Mixed with water, Rhassoul forms a creamy paste that gently cleanses the body and hair.

Yuka rating: excellent

Usage tips :

Body wash: Add to Rhassoul an equal amount of water and use this mixture as a wash gel. Rub well then rinse.

For an excellent exfoliation leaving a clean and silky skin, increase the proportion of rhassoul until obtaining the consistency of a paste and rub with a scrub glove (Kessa Alepia).

To wash the hair, reduce the proportion of rhassoul a little and add a little more water to the mixture. It is suitable for all types of hair, but it is particularly recommended for oily hair. For very dry hair, excellent results are obtained after adding a tablespoon of Argan oil to the Rhassoul / water mixture.

Rhassoul can be used as a face mask: 3 minutes of exposure are sufficient for application as a mask.
... And as a hair mask: Before the bath, wet the hair, apply the Rhassoul, then cover them with a towel




In 140 g jar

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