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Black Point Vacuum Cleaner

Claude Bell Institute - Black Point Vacuum Cleaner

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Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner - Stop Blackheads - Beauty Routine

Caractéristiques :

YOUR FACE PURITY ROUTINE: Your facial purity session starts with a good cleansing of the skin. Then dilate the pores with a hot steam facial sauna session or by putting on a hot towel. Then you can use your device to target the blackheads to be removed.

The aspiration will create localized redness due to the rush of blood under the skin; it will wear off after 15/20 minutes. For best effect, we recommend that you apply your facial treatment immediately after vacuuming blackheads. Make-up should come in 30 minutes after aspiration.

LARGE AREA TIP: Wide tip for large blackheads on flat areas and light imperfections.

PRECISION ZONE TIP: Precision tip to gently cleanse the skin, ideal for mature acne pimples.

ERGONOMIC PERI-NASAL TIP: Oval tip dedicated to the nose area especially for the nostrils.

EXFOLIATING TIP: Exfoliating tip to remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation ... your skin will be glowing and rejuvenated.

Usage tips :

Make sure to charge the device at least 6 hours before the first use.

Be sure to use the device on cleansed and dry skin.

Apply a warm towel to your face for 3 to 5 minutes to dilate the pores.

Depending on your skin, choose the tip and place it on the device. Press the on / off button and select the suction intensity (4 levels), apply to the skin and move the device from bottom to top. Always keep the device moving when in contact with the skin.

Rinse face with cold water to tighten pores and apply lotion.

Clean the nozzle after each use with a disinfectant lotion or with 70% alcohol to avoid clogging the filter.

Important: it is recommended to test the device on the forearm 30 minutes before first use. If there are no side effects on the skin, you can use it on the face.

1 x Blackhead vacuum cleaner

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