Routine Benefits of Oils - Set of 5 Oil Applicators - To use your favorite oil well Institut Claude Bell - 1
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Routine Benefits of Oils - Set of 5 Oil Applicators - To use your favorite oil well

Routine Benefits of Oils - Set of 5 Oil Applicators - To use your favorite oil well

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Routine Benefits of Oils - Set of 5 Oil Applicators - To use your favorite oil well

1° Spray for the body, beard and hair


Castor oil is directly recommended to provide complete care for your hair and/or beard. In a growth cure, in a nourishing repairing mask, in soothing scalp care or to treat dry dandruff, it will make your beard and/or hair soft and a boost! Whether in night masks or applied in the morning as a spray, your hair will gain vitality and strength.
A little extra: always start at the bottom and work your way up. To further stimulate growth, you can perform small circular massages with castor oil at the root level.


Nothing is more pleasant than soft skin. For this, it is necessary to provide it with aqueous, but also nourishing properties, which are found in oils.
Tip: In the morning and/or evening, using a spray covering your entire body, apply from bottom to top, massaging your skin so that it absorbs the nutrients present in the oils well: SOFT AND REVITALIZED SKIN GUARANTEED!

2° Mascara for your eyelashes

We have seen it with the hair: Castor oil is the perfect oil to densify and deeply nourish the hair fibres, including the eyelashes and eyebrows. From that conclusion, what better could you ask for than a mascara-shaped oil applicator? Eyelash after eyelash over their entire length, eyebrow by eyebrow, you will gain strength, vitality and density thanks to the mascara brush.
Tip: apply every evening after applying your serum and your night cream, let it dry for 10 minutes for more efficiency! Need a 100% natural boost for your eyelashes & eyebrows? Make Castor Oil cures with our Mascara Kit! An ultra-easy application for a pretty smoldering look.

3° The fine brush for fine lines and wrinkles

The oil deeply nourishes, and helps fill the lack of natural collagen and elastin production that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to a very fine brush, you will effectively limit overflows by sealing the hollows formed by the signs of aging by the controlled injection of Argan or Coconut oil, after the application of your serum and before that of your cream. day or night.

4° The gloss-brush for your nails

Say goodbye to streaks, split, damaged, soft or brittle nails... Thanks to a daily and generous application, preferably in the evening, so that the oil provides your nails with the maximum positive effects, apply with the Brush-Gloss a good layer of Castor oil in both directions of the nail, like a repair gel, to make them longer and stronger!
Castor oil, in addition to nourishing them intensely, will harden them, repair them, and allow the growth of healthy nails much faster by this little beauty ritual to integrate into your routine!

5° The 50ml vial with its dropper


Dark circles, bags, crow's feet for the eye area: massage them with vegetable oil by small circular massages to allow lymphatic drainage and the production of collagen around your eyes, to gain a luminous look in a few minutes per day !
Scars: massage your scars perpendicularly with a restorative oil (Argan): this will help with healing for the most recent ones, and to fade them afterwards!
Stretch marks: start by massaging circularly with your fingers and a few drops of Argan or Coconut oil to repair the faults in your skin. Stretch them between your fingers, then apply oil again perpendicular to the mark, in a small ritual of 10 minutes maximum per day, in order to tone the epidermis. The oil will bring Repair and Elasticity to your skin.

1 x Box of 5 oil applicators

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