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Bracelet for Soothing Electrostatic Stimulation at Home

JinTong Family Electrostatic Bracelet for Soothing Electrostatic Acupuncture and Nerves Stimulation at Home

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JinTong Family Electrostatic Bracelet for Soothing Electrostatic Acupuncture and Nerves Stimulation at Home.

This bracelet is made on the basis of the medical theory of biological energy and the Chinese medical theory of acupuncture points of the human body, through integrating the traditional Chinese medicine and the modern science and technology, with the help of microelectronic technology new materials.  

This bracelet has very good health care functions. It contributes to the regulation of the nervous system, reduces stress, helps for headache, increases the sleep quality, alleviates the symptoms of hypertensive or hypotensive by keeping the blood pressure to approach normal, regulates the heart rate too high or too slow and preserves the heart health.

This bracelet has gone through a series of strict clinical observations made jointly by the Chinese academy of medical sciences, Chinese research institute of traditional Chinese medicine, and Beijing traditional Chinese medicine university. It is a wearable, easy and safe to use product, without any side-effect. It has become very popular among patients.

In 1991 it was awarded two silver medals at the 19th international exhibition of inventions in Geneva and at the 82nd international exhibition of inventions in Paris. In 1992 it was also awarded three gold medals at several new technologies and health care products exhibitions in China, and selected as the most favored health care products by Chinese consumers.

Instructions for use: The repetitive monotonous sound, the pleasant tingling can relax anyone who uses it. Use 2 times 30 minutes per day, in the morning and the evening. No drugs and no side-effect. Non-invasive and non-addictive. For the whole family. Recharge via USB.

This device has obtained the European CE Certification and complies with Directive 2014/30/EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

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1 electrostatic bracelet
1 USB charger
1 USB cable
1 user manual

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