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ConfoNuque Wedge Neck Memory Shape

ConfoNuque Wedge Neck Memory Shape

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The memory foam shape to service your neck

BAD POSTURE : attention to neck pain !

4 kg : This weight is constantly bringing our neck! Indeed, it is he, being the most mobile part of the spine, which can be , shake and nod . Normal in those circumstances when it is misplaced , it creates pain in the neck : neck pain ! The most common examples : when you read on the couch or bed, traveling on the plane, train or car, the neck position is often very bad !
You should know that neck pain involved among others in case of anxiety or stress encountered in everyday life , but also and especially in case of repeated poor postures. These are manifested by pain stiffness, twitching or muscle spasms . Technology foam shape memory Confo'NUQUE has been specially designed to keep the neck in an ideal position. Its U-shape has been developed specifically for the neck to relieve tension in the spine .
Confo'NUQUE is a foam cushion shape memory . It gradually mold the neck to reach a position without any tension. This unique material adapts to the shape perfectly matching the contours of the body. Confo'NUQUE helps reduce back pain and neck problems . The upper limbs are protected , as in a shell for unmatched comfort !

Confo'NUQUE : unparalleled comfort !

ERGONOMIC : Confo'NUQUE , with its U-shape is specially dedicated to the cervical vertebrae ! It supports your neck in the surrounding , thereby lighten the weight of the head which puts pressure on your neck .
You are in a cocoon of well-being specially designed to relieve you !
SWEET : A stable and comfortable , its sweetness will surprise you! Its soft will make you forget the feeling of stiff neck, and thanks to the shape memory ! So comfortable it will relax the muscles of the neck to the shoulders, for deep relaxation.

It is important to relieve your vertebrae as soon as you can.
- Travelling : Whether by train, plane or car , they tend to adopt awkward postures to try to read ... Will follow torticollis and other neck pain . It is finished with Confo'NUQUE ! Comfort with you wherever you are ! Long car journeys become longer relaxation where you can read a book , even at night ! In the plane, it is always difficult to read with small lamps above your head! With Confo'NUQUE finish the hassle !
- And much more : the Cinema, Theatre , in waiting rooms ... Think about all those times when you can relieve your neck! Where you can read a book by waiting !

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