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AnimoFresh Refreshing Cushion

AnimoFresh Refreshing Cushion

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Automatic and instant freshness . Lowers the average temperature of 4 ° of the body. Cushion nomadic pet . Your pet can not tell you, but it suffers from the heat! Protect it with Animo'Fresh ! Animo'Fresh suitable for your dogs and cats but also for any other pet! Give him a quality of life worthy of him !

Animo'Fresh What is it?

Animo'Fresh is the result of advanced technology . It consists of a revolutionary refreshing gel designed to lower the body temperature in degrees from 4 ! He presents himself as a simple cushion of less than 1 cm, you can easily slip into the basket or the niche of your animal thickness . Thin , no electrical connection , it is unconstrained for your pet that will in no way embarrassed by his presence.

Animo'Fresh His benefits :

Freshness. Well-being. Comfort. Once your pet sitting or lying on his Animo'Fresh , he will feel a sense of freshness , frost coming into action from the first contact with the body. It will bring him a feeling of freshness and beneficial and allow it to better withstand the heavy moments of warmth. By lowering the average body temperature of 4 ° , there is therefore no risk of thermal shock .

Dimensions: 28 x 43 cm. Compact with less than one inch thick .

New technology works without a battery , wireless, without constraint.

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