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SoluVeinol Compression Tights

SoluVeinol Compression Tights

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Soluveinol, elegance and comfort! Special heavy and tired legs.

You probably know the range SOLUVEINOL?

A concept which combines essential oils and graduated compression to relieve and refine your legs! Discover our exclusive reference: the TIGHTS SOLUVEINOL to 6 essential oils. Freshness intense sensation through the streaming of essential oils and massage through the fiber: Microencapsulation is a technology that is to imprison assets in microscopic beads. These beads are inserted in the textile and break under the effect of the natural movements of your body. Thus they spread their beneficial active throughout the targeted area.

6 essential oils sticky Soluveinol relieve all your legs throughout the day.

Cypress: externally, the cypress essential oil is a very effective venous decongestant. It activates blood circulation in the legs and allows better venous return to the heart.
Marjoram Scots: externally the essential oil extracted from thyme has major antiseptic, antifungal, deodorizing and mild antioxidant.
Grapefruit: externally the essential oil extracted from the grapefruit skin has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
2 mints: the main active ingredient is menthol mint. 1 to 2.5% essential oils (dry matter) can contain up to 83% menthol. It causes an immediate feeling of freshness on the skin, feeling that lasts in time through the timed release microcapsules. Menthol is also a good analgesic, anesthetic, phlebotonic, migraine.
Lemon: externally the essential oil of lemon is refreshing and revitalizing properties for tired feet. It is also a very good skin antiseptic.

Wellness incomparable sensation thanks to graduated compression.

Woven with natural and synthetic elastic fibers, sticky Soluveinol uses the principle of graduated compression of the entire leg or only a portion. The maximum compression is located at the ankle and decreases up towards the top of the leg. The cuts are in mm Hg (mercury) equivalent to an indirectly denier (thickness of the fibers used). They allow a better venous return from the feet to the heart! They avoid the stagnation of blood in the legs and thus the formation of varicose veins. The sticky Soluveinol is woven with fibers of 40 denier. With this weaving and interim special cuts, sticky Soluveinol helps naturally relieve your legs.

30% of ingredients still present after 30 washes

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