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Dandy Oil for Beard and Mustache

Dandy Oil for Beard and Mustache

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Dandy Beard Oil composed of oils of Nigella, castorbean, jojoba, olive, argan and sweet almond, deeply nourishes the beard and leaves a pleasantly woodsy and delicately spiced scent.

Caractéristiques :

Antibacterial protection through the incorporation of Niaouli essential oil to protect and soothe the skin from irritations.
Softens,hydrates and relaxesthe hair for a softer and more attractive beard.
Perfume your beard with a top note of cinnamon, and as a base note, a woodsy scent with round, warm notes of vanilla, magnolia and saffron.
Manufactured in France, without parabens, alcohol, colorants and never tested on animals.

Composition :

THE ARGAN OIL : Argan oil is extracted from the argania tree, a tree that is native to Morocco and south-western Algeria. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is also used for its cosmetic properties. Highly nourishing, regenerative and restructuring, it is perfect for the job of beard maintenance. Often called miraculous, argan oil adds to the authenticity of an ancient beauty ritual, a universal dimension that makes it so remarkable.

THE JOJOBA OIL : Jojoba oil is in reality a liquid wax derived from jojoba seeds, also known as "wild hazel", which grows in South America. With roots that can grow to over 30 meters in length, this tree can capture humidity in dessert soil and thus resist drought. With a composition close to that of human sebum, it has a remarkable affinity for the skin and hair. Applied with regular massages, this oil will restore vigour and shine to your beard.

THE OLIVE OIL : Olive oil is perfect for renewing the strength and shine of your beard, when it's damaged or devitalised. It is recognised in cosmetics for its softening properties.

NIGELLA OIL : Oil of Nigella has been around for millennia! It was used by the Egyptians and more generally in the Middle East as well as in India. If today it has been rediscovered in Europe, it has no need to establish a reputation, as it has traversed the ages and contributed to the well-being of generations. It is obtained from pressing black cumin seeds, this tiny seed that already in its natural state has so many beneficial health effects. A spicy scent, an orange-brownish colour, a thick and creamy texture make this oil a natural boon for your appearance, but also for your health. It deeply nourishes dry beards.

CASTORBEAN OIL : Native to tropical Africa, castorbean oil comes from the plant of the same name, the castorbean. While the castorbean seed itself is not edible, the vegetable oil extracted from it is not toxic and possesses numerous beneficial properties for your skin, hair and beard. The magic of castorbean oil operates at the level of the hair and beard as much to provide greater volume as to enrich them. Rich in fatty acid, castorbean oil nourishes the scalp, but not only that. It makes the beard more shiny, supple, and dense and accelerates growth and re-growth.

THE SWEET ALMOND OIL : In addition to its nourishing and hydrating virtues, sweet almond oil is especially good at helping to regulate the production of sebum. That is precisely why we use it to treat scalp or beard problems, such as dandruff. If your beard is dry, this oil is ideal for nourishing it.

THE NIAOULI ESSENTIAL OIL : The paperbark tree that is native to New Caledonia, from the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family. The virtues of the Myrtaceae plant have been known for a long time. Within certain tribes, it is traditionally used in healing. It's a natural antiseptic which you can find under the name of Gomenol in numerous pharmaceutical preparations for gargling, in toothpaste and treatments for bad breath… A very powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent, it is also known to be used as radiation protection.

Directions for use :

Sprinkle a few drops of Dandy Beard oil between your hands and apply it deeply to your beard. The oil nourishes and instils a scent that's pleasantly fresh and delicately spiced.

1 bottle with pipette of 30 ml

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