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Original Oil for Beard and Mustache

Original Oil for Beard and Mustache

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Originelle My Green Beard Oil composed of argan oil, olive oil and apricot pit oil, deeply nourishes the beard and leaves a pleasant woodsy aroma that's delicately spiced.

Description :

Antibacterial protection through the incorporation of Palmarosa essential oil to protect and soothe the skin from irritations.
Softens,hydrates and relaxesthe hair for a softer and more attractive beard.
Perfume your beard with a fresh and green top note of orange bergamot, lavender and sage, and a base note of woody and exotic tonka, moss and vanilla.
Manufactured in France, without parabens, alcohol, colorants and never tested on animals.

Composition :

THE ARGAN OIL : Argan oil is extracted from the argania tree, a tree that is native to Morocco and south-western Algeria. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is also used for its cosmetic properties. Highly nourishing, regenerative and restructuring, it is perfect for the job of beard maintenance. Often called miraculous, argan oil adds to the authenticity of an ancient beauty ritual, a universal dimension that makes it so remarkable.

THE OLIVE OIL : Olive oil is perfect for renewing the strength and shine of your beard, when it's damaged or devitalised. It is recognised in cosmetics for its softening properties.

APRICOT PITS OIL : The apricot tree is a tree native to warm regions and is cultivated for its fruits which are consumed fresh or dried. Apricots are rich in vitamins A, B and C. Almond oil, which is extracted from the pit, is frequently used in cosmetology for its diverse properties Oil from apricot pits is nourishing and will help to support and revitalise the hairs of your beard.

THE PALMAROSA ESSENTIAL OIL : This herbaceous plant with long straight leaves belongs to the botanical family of the Poaceae and is a part of the larger family of citronella. Native to India and Vietnam, the Palmarosa is also known as the Geranium of the Indies, due to the soft, light, floral perfume of its flowers resembling a Geranium or Rose. It is also found in tropical regions, but also in the tropical islands of Capricorn, such as Madagascar. Its leaves, highly aromatic as soon as they are rubbed, are used to obtain an essential oil with a specific fragrance due to its geraniol content. Bactericidal and fungicide, the latter is indicated in all the cutaneous mycotic, scarring and eczema ailments. The essential oil of Palmarosa is a powerful antibacterial agent.

Directions for use :

Sprinkle a few drops of Originelle My Green Beard oil between your hands and apply it deeply to your beard. The oil nourishes and instils a scent that's pleasantly fresh and delicately spiced.

1 bottle with pipette of 30 ml

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