Toning Gel Accelerator for Beard and Mustache My Green Beard - 1
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Toning Gel Accelerator for Beard and Mustache

Toning Gel Accelerator for Beard and Mustache

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My Green Beard Growth Accelerator Invigorating Gel contributes to accelerating beard growth ! A unique solution that stimulates and nourishes the hair follicle.

Caractéristiques :

A regular acceleration of beard growth thanks to our active ingredients F1 Lotion and Pepsobiol.
Protection of the beard against atmospheric pollution. Imperial Beard Shampoo contains the active ingredient Cell’intact® manufactured from buckwheat seed, which is an ecological and organic ingredient. Cell’intact is naturally rich in minerals, an ideal composition for protecting the skin from external aggression and reinforcing the skin barrier. The protection is a shield against atmospheric pollution (fine particles and diverse pollutants).
Protection against itchiness and irritations.We have incorporated into the shampoo the active ingredient TitreExtract®, which is an antibacterial agent made from the Hamamelis plant. Witch hazel has the property of being purifying and astringent.
The formula of My Green Beard Shampoo nourishes and softens the hair, making the beard soft. A beard that is visibly voluminous and well maintained.
Perfume your beard with head notes of aromatic and fruity lavender, orange bergamot and mandarin and as a base note, a delicately musk and woodsy fragrance with round and warm notes of ambergris.
Manufactured in France, without parabens, colorants, sulphates and never tested on animals.

Composition :

THE WITCH HAZEL : Botanical origin : Belonging to the Hamamelidaceae family, witch hazel from Virginia is a perennial shrub native to North America and Canada and growing wild in the deciduous forests of these countries. Today also cultivated in Europe, this "spider tree" sports sinuous and supple branches attaining 5 meters in height, and on which grow long leaves of a matte green colour. In the fall, these latter give way to numerous small bright yellow flowers with long petals and an odour of tea. Also appearing during this period, capsules that explode at maturity to allow two black seeds to escape.

Ancient usage : Hamamelis is a plant that has always been used in traditional medicine to make dyes as well as ointments. Centuries ago, Native Americans had detected its medicinal properties and used it to heal minor wounds or to soothe skin irritated by eczema. They also prepared a decoction with the leaves as it was said that this brew offered magical virtues. During the same era, the people of North America used the branches of the hamamelis as divining rods to locate underground springs. These are the legends that earned it the nickname of "witch hazel". It was only in the 19th Century, brought back from the colonies, that this plant made its appearance in Europe where it served in the manufacture of numerous remedies but also as an ingredient in colognes.

THE BUCKWHEAT : Also called "black wheat", the plant derives its Latin name (Fagopyrum) from the strong resemblance of its grains to the fruit of the Beech tree (Fagus). It belongs to the Polygonaceae family and is considered a pseudo-cereal. This highly resistant annual plant likes soil that is poor or even acid, which makes it a plant perfectly suited to organic cultivation. The buckwheat plant boasts little pinkish-white flowers that grow in tight clusters as well as slender leaves in the shape of pointed hearts, developing on reddish stems. Its fruit is none other than the buckwheat seed, known for its greyish beige colour and triangular shape. For many years, buckwheat has been considered ideal as animal food on account of its high protein content. It is used in agriculture for its capacity to cleanse soil and to prepare it for cultivation to come. It's also used in cooking, depending on the country; the grain is used to make flour for pancakes or even for making tea. The antioxidant activity of buckwheat is 2 to 12 times higher than that of most other cereals. Its protein content represents between 10 and 12% of its dry weight.

THE CAMPHOR : The camphor tree is the tree emblematic of the city of Hiroshima. It was the first, along with the Ginkgo biloba, to have grown back after the atomic bombardment! Native to southeast Asia, this tree, which can grow up to 25 meters in height, has adapted to numerous other regions where it is considered an invasive species. Known for its antiseptic and tonic cardiac actions, the essential oil is extracted from the uncamphorated bark of this tree. The flavour of camphor is relatively bitter, like that of mint, but it is nonetheless highly refreshing. It is absorbed quite rapidly by the pores of the skin, whence its quasi-immediate action. Camphor may be utilised for its analgesic properties and for improved blood circulation.

Directions for use :

In the morning, after shampooing, or at your convenience during the day, apply the gel on your hands and massage your skin on the desired beard zones, avoiding any contact with the eyes.

1 tube of 150 ml

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